At the museum

Chœur Baobab

Activity — May 26th, 2019

Découvrez le Chœur Baobab lors d’une représentation gratuite à l’Écomusée le dimanche 26 mai à 12 h 30! Depuis sa création en 2009, le Chœur Baobab interprète a cappella des chants traditionnels dans de multiples langues. Ses prestations sont chorégraphiées et parfois accompagnées de musiciens.     Dimanche 26 mai 2019 à 12 h 30…

The creators of Peace

Exhibition — May 29th to June 16th, 2019

In collaboration with Artists for Peace, this collective exhibition explores the limits and frailties of Peace today. While some seek to provoke hatred and division, artists and their works affirm that it is through Peace and togetherness that Quebec, Canada and society at large should be constructed.       This exhibition is realised in…

Zïlon and the Montreal Underground

Exhibition — June 26th to September 1st, 2019

In the 1970s and 1980s, numerous alternative artists were inspired by similar movements throughout the world. With willful irreverence they pitted themsleves against art that took itself too seriously, by carving out space for improvisation, performance, and multidisciplinary work. This energy – and many of the artists who embodied it – then went on to contribute…