l’héritage d’Allende au Québec

in Memory of September 11, 1973

Exhibition from September 7 to October 22, 2023

Créer le pouvoir populaire traces the 50-year history of the September 11, 1973 coup d’état in Chile and its impact on Quebec. This violent coup led to the death of the democratically-elected socialist president Salvador Allende. It also put an end to three years of intense mass mobilization in Chile. The exhibit spotlights Allende’s dream and the experience of his Popular Unity government. It also highlights how the Chilean diaspora in Quebec, and new generations born in Canada, have contributed to keeping Allende’s legacy alive. The exhibition invites you to journey back to this dream, to discover and understand its impact on new forms of solidarity.

This project is produced in collaboration with the Fondation Salvador Allende

This exhibition is part of the Agreement between the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration and the Ville de Montréal (MIFI-Ville 2021-2024).