Enter the universe of a group of Centre-Sud youth! The students of Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur elementary school offer a personal vision of their neighbourhood, with the help of a cultural mediator, a photograph, and an art therapist.

These young artists exhibit their work in a museum for the first time. Snapshots of their everyday environment have been made possible thanks to introductory photography classes and historical tours of the neighbourhood. They have then refashioned these images with the help of mixed art materials, opening a window into their sensibilities, their imaginations, and their emerging identities.

They invite you into their neighbourhood through this exhibition!


Exhibition produced in partnership with the Opération Bonne Mine program at the Montreal Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.



Projet financé dans le cadre de l’Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal conclue entre la Ville de Montréal et le gouvernement du Québec.