The Écomusée and partnership: engagement and declaration

The Écomusée du fier monde is committed to:

  • encouraging partnerships in its work and projects;
  • actively searching for partners for its projects;
  • respecting its partners;
  • cultivating a culture within its team and its council that is favourable toward partnership.

The Écomusée du fier monde founds its partnerships upon certain values and clear ethical rules and asserts that:

  • work within the fields of heritage (material or immaterial) and museology must be conducted with respect toward the artifacts, objects, works, and people involved;
  • the values that guide us are: the community role of the Écomusée, respect for labour and the people who perform it, as well as rigour and excellence;
  • all partners of the Écomusée must share these values and respect the Écomusée and its team;
  • partnerships must in no way alter the nature, mission, name or integrity of the Écomusée du fier monde.

In accordance with its values, the Écomusée du fier monde declares that:

  • partnership is an essential part of the activity of the Écomusée du fier monde;
  • partnership is implicit within the notion itself of an ecomuseum, as defined by Hugues de Varine;
  • work in partnership is a precondition to local sustainable development and the building of a better society.


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L’Écomusée works with many partners. For a complete list, consult the annual reports here.