At the museum

Prendre lieux

Exhibition — February 16th to 26th, 2017

Nine artists who teach at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques foster nine emerging student-artists at UQAM. They propose their multidisciplinary works.
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Nuit aux flambeaux sur les Faubourgs

Activity — Samedi 4 mars 2017, à 18 h 30 et 19 h / 3 départs

Dans le cadre de la Nuit blanche, Voies culturelles des Faubourgs offrent trois parcours pour une marche aux flambeaux dans le quartier!
Départs à 18 h 30 et 19 h / 3 lieux
Activité gratuite, réservations nécessaires

D’un œil différent

Exhibition — March 8th to 19th, 2017

This cultural multidisciplinary event brings together over 200 artists and performers with intellectual disabilities or a pervasive developmental disorder or not, around an exhibition and a varied program.
Free entrance



Variations sur l’art d’ici

Exhibition — April 26th to May 7th, 2017

Over 60 Québécois and Canadian artists exhibit their inks, paintings, engravings… Among those represented are emerging young talents as well as artists of national and international renown.
Free entrance

Benefit auction Visuel encan 2017

Activity — May 9th 2017, 17:00 to 22:00

Cocktails at 5 pm and auction at 7 pm
Auction ticket: $45
For information or to purchase tickets: Manon Belleville, 514 528-8444
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Nourrir le quartier, nourrir la ville

Exhibition — May 18th, 2017 to February 4th, 2018

Do your grocery shopping and retrace almost 200 years of food in Montreal! Explore the places that have marked life in the neighbourhood, such as public markets, small grocery stores, and the first grocery chains. Follow the evolution of products and of the food processing industry.

Célébrons le patrimoine avec l’Écomusée

Activity — 2-3-10-17-25 juin et 2 juillet 2017 / Divers lieux

Célébrons le patrimoine du quartier avec les anniversaires importants de notre histoire! Au programme : kiosques d’exposition, ambiance musicale, animation et circuits urbains
Activités gratuites



On tour: People of the Eye Visuel Peuple de l'oeil

Exhibition on tour — March 25 to 29, 2017, Café Le Tonik, Gatineau

Come into contact with Deaf culture and identity! Discover the places, people and events linked to the history of Deaf persons in Canada, and avenues for reflection about the contemporary Deaf community.
Quadrilingual exhibition: Quebec Sign Language (LSQ), American Sign Language (ASL), French and English
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